Landlord Rights Are Being Squashed By Unfair Laws
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*LANDLORD PROTECTION TIP: Always require a second party co-signer with a good credit score and income as an additional guarantor for the rent. This person, especially a close relative or friend is likely to have a significant influence on the tenant occupant in the case of non-payment of rent or breached terms of the lease, as well as helping to resolve any disputes or assisting the tenant in vacating the property in lieu of an eviction.

Immediate Call To Action -

Stop the legal loophole that is an unfair and unethical legal practice that has become extortion against good landlords.

Bad tenants that have obvious breach of contracts noted by the non-payment of rent or other violations of their lease agreements are seeking and being sought for legal representation from tenant rights attorney's that are abusing legal procedures to extort money from landlords in creating a position of disadvantage which is economically harmful to the landlord.

These attorney's and advocacy groups act and defend the tenant regardless as to the terms breached by the tenant by either demanding a costly trial by jury that the landlord must pay out of pocket for legal representation or by demanding a sizable settlement in addition to allowing the tenant to remain in possession of the premises in order for the case to "go away".

Basta, Inc. and any other tenant right's attorneys and advocacy organizations should be banned from and fined when falsifying claims of "uninhabitability" in the representation of tenant's that are in default of rent and/or utility payments or other obvious breaches of the lease agreement in an Unlawful Detainer Action (eviction).

This malicious intent has been creating an unfair and unjust disadvantage to the landlord / property owner and is further discriminatory to landlords that do not have equal means for legal representation and/or recovery, hence forcing monetary settlement payments under duress of getting the tenant out and "paying up" in order to cut their losses.  

"They have landlords over a barrel and are using it by abusing the legal process for gain"!


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TO: _______________________________________________________________

the tenant(s) who is in possession of the premises located at:


You are hereby notified, in accordance with Civil Code Section 827, that 30 days after service upon you of this notice, your tenancy of the above-designated premises will be changed as follows:

In the event an action is brought by any party to enforce any term of this agreement or to recover possession of the premises, the prevailing party shall recover from the other party, reasonable attorney fees, not to exceed $500.

Date: _________________

________________________________________ Landlord/Agent



(This form should be handed to your tenant or if unavailable, post one on the door and mail one by first- class mail.)

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