Home Icing Sells
"The Frosting Needed That Makes A Buyer Melt"!

Every seller dreams of a quick, top dollar sale. Aside from pricing your property adequately and sufficient market exposure, Home Icing helps tremendously in the marketing and selling your home whether it be your own home or an investment project you are planning to flip. We are all visual creatures and are drawn to attractiveness.

For example, how many of us would choose to buy a cake amongst many other cakes in a bakery that had little or no icing and no flowers or decorations? And if we did, we probably wouldn't want to pay much for it!

This is exactly the point intended when marketing your property. Yours will be up against much competition and it is critical to make an impression above and beyond the other properties and their features.

Give A Buyer Insomnia!

Give a buyer something that they can't stop thinking about. Cause them to want to act fast because they fear that another buyer may get it before them.

Ice your project in such a way that a buyer whom falls in love with your property recognizes that they will never find a similar one by merely going up the street to another listing!

View Our Icing!

Below are some of the fixtures or types of decorations we have or would use in icing or staging our homes.

Feel free to contact us should you be interested in any of these items or if you are in need of Jennifer's consultation services including project advice and/or inspection.

Good luck and happy icing!

Authentic Clawfoot Bathtubs

Bring nostalgia to your decor. Here featured on our victorian porch is an authentic unrestored tub often used for chilling beverages during special events.

The others featured below are actual interior bathtub fixtures that have been wonderful for soaking and relaxation not to mention the gorgeous art that they bring to any bathroom!

Dress Up an Entire Home with Exquisite Vintage and Victorian Doorknobs

Antique purple crystal (left) and vintage milk glass (right)

1950's Western Holly Stove

Shabby Chic Country Fireplace Mantle & Surround

More Bathroom Icing!

Authentic Pedestal Sink and Old Doctor Scale

Looking for some unique icing for your home? Contact Jennifer to make a purchase!

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