Buying Investment Property - "Get It While the Gettin's Good"!

4 Units Purchased for $83,000

4 Units Purchased for $83,000

January, 2011
By: Jennifer Ivanov, Real Estate Broker
DRE Lic # 00993276

Have you ever looked backed in hind sight and said to yourself "I should have bought that stock last year" or "Why didn't I invest in real estate when the market was low just 10 years ago"? You know. All of the shoulda, woulda, coulda's that left you kicking yourself!

Well, I am here to tell you that you have that chance once again. The time is now. A chance to seize this moment of opportunities that are presenting themselves again today.

There has never been a time quite like the current market conditions. Prices are low, interest rates are exceptionally low and we are looking inflation straight in the eye.

It's the perfect time to take your deflating cash capital and put it into a great commodity like real estate.

There are several investment options available to suit a variety of different types of investor's, depending on each individual's desired goals and preferences. The property flip and the rental/income property are great opportunities.

Property Flip

Buying a fixer or a "junker" (my favorite) is a great way to make a quick profit if done right. For starters, there must be a basic project feasibility analysis before diving in. This includes, but not limited to a look at the property acquisition cost, repair and rehabilitation cost estimate, estimated finish value of the project, and analysis and projection of the current market price trend.

In a nutshell, how much will you have into it, how long will it take and is the market likely to remain stable, increase or decrease over said period of time and how much should you get for it?

Income/Rental Property

Investing in rental property will generate cash flow now and for the future for those investors looking to realize an income stream from their investment. This type of investment shall need proper management by the investment owner or a property management company.

With foreclosures still on the rise and creating many displaced post homeowner's, rentals are in high demand.

Cash Offers Speak Loudly

The best deals can be had with making a quick cash offer with few to no contingencies.. This means true liquid cash funds available today, not needing to obtain a loan from any source. Remember, you will likely be competing with other investors for the same property. Your offer must be more appealing to the seller than that of your competitor.

Time is of the essence. Now get out there and get shopping! Remember to carefully interview licensed real estate professionals that have the appropriate knowledge and experience that you will be critically relying upon in making your purchase.

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