Buy Income Properties "Now"!
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Buy income properties in this economy? You bet! If there is one good thing that the current economy has presented, is that it has created a great opportunity again to acquire properties for a steal!

A buyer can finally invest in income property at an ideal price that should generate positive cash flow.

So What Exactly Is Cash Flow?

The amount of net cash generated by an investment during a specific period. One measure of cash flow is earnings before amortization, depreciation, interest and taxes.

One quick and dirty cash flow formula for income producing properties measure the gross potential income (GPI) from all sources that the property produces, less vacancy, all operating expenses such as property taxes, insurance, management, maintenance, utilities, reserves for future budgeted repairs, and finally the debt service, better known as the mortgage.

Typically income property investors seek multiple unit rental properties such as duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, apartments and so on. The return on investment is generally greater than that of a single residential unit as the property or lot is improved with several income producing units as opposed to just one.

We recently made a purchase of a vacant 4 unit REO property in Lancaster, California for $83,000. The property needed complete renovation and a new roof to the tune of $40,000. The units are now 100% tenant occupied with gross rents totaling $2,500 monthly. What an amazing buy!

These types of income properties are currently available to anyone. Why not take advantage of this down economy by lifting it up to your own advantage?! Contact us to help you with your income property ventures today!

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