Storybook Properties' Favorite AV Contractors
See Why They Rate "Top Notch"!

It has been a question that we have been asked over and over again, "What AV contractors do you use and recommend"? We have to admit reluctantly that many times we have tried to avoid answering this question.

Why? Because for nothing else, but our own selfish reasons. We had referred several of our favorite contractors in the past when construction was going hot and heavy, only to realized that because of our recommendations, we were being placed further down the list in priority. Our fav's were less available to us. We felt we were shooting ourselves in the foot. Needless to say, we stopped referring!

Now that construction projects have lightened up, we are ready to reveal our favorite gems to you. We rate these professionals based upon our own standards listed below that we feel have been the most important contributing factors resulting in multiple project successfulness over the past ten years. We are proud to say that not one of our projects have ever gone south.

Please note that we are merely revealing our own favorite AV Contractors, handymans and service providers we ourselves use, know and love.

We are not directly associated to any of these companies, thus cannot warrant or guarantee their work or performance. It is each persons responsibility to confirm license status and insurance information as status' continually change.

▪ Licensed (State of California)
▪ Insured
▪ Reasonable Project Bids
▪ Timely Work Performance and Completion
▪ Good Attitude and Communication Skills
▪ Reasonable Project Draws and/or Payments Due at Completion
▪ Good Ethics
▪ Works Well With Other Contractors

Licensed Contractors

Universal Electric Alarms

Architectural Design Consulting (Blueprint Plans & Specs)
John Allen Designs

Backhoe Construction
L & S Construction

Masco Construction

NOS Construction

Sutton Family Tile

SoCal Wall

Electric Temp Service
Tim's Temp Electrical

Key's Electrical Technologies

California Fence Co.
Herman's Fence Co.

Woodland Hills Fireplace

Fire Sprinklers / Interior

Rob's Carpet
Sutton Family Tile

Garage Doors
Town & Country Garage Doors

General Building Contractors
Serfoss Construction Corp.

James Scardino

Grading Contractors
Joe Spalla Construction

HVAC/Heating and Air conditioning
Econo West Heating & Air

Western Insulation

Chuck Kott Painting

Ackerman Plumbing

Pool & Spa Contractors and Maintenance
Alan Jackson Pools

Wasson Roofing & General Contracting

Septic Installation and Pumping
J.T. Sanitation

Soils Engineers
Bruin Engineering

Margin Plastering

Allen Thompson Surveying

Sutton Family Tile

Tree Removal/Service
Kelly Tree Service
Rick's Tree Service

Windows / Doors / Moldings
Stock Building Supply

HandyMan and Other Non-Licensed Services

Steve Pancoast- "the very best we know"!

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