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The headline above is absolutely true! You will soon learn everything there is to know about broker Jennifer that will undoubtedly lead you toward success in your real estate endeavors!

So,"What About Broker Jennifer"? Let's Take A Look...

Jennifer Ivanov's real estate career began way back in 1986, when she became a self- taught real estate appraiser. Her unrelenting desire to gain knowledge in the field drove her and landed her the position of staff appraiser with Great Western Bank, better known today as Washington Mutual.

From there, she opened her own appraisal firm (Rogers & Rogers Appraisal Service) performing residential, vacant land, income property and commercial appraisal assignments for various banks and mortgage companies. She held the highest level license in the state of California as a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser through the OREA (Office Of Real Estate Appraisers).

After the real estate market started the decline in the early 1990's, business was getting a bit dry, but that was okay as she concentrated a lot of her time with her growing family, having the last of her five children in 1994.

Around 1995, Jennifer became interested in knowing more about other real estate aspects such as financing and property sales. So, guess what came next? You got it! She decided to become a real estate broker, arranging for mortgage loans as well as assisting her clients in buying and selling properties.

This was absolutely what she loved best. To see the joy within her client's as they saved money by refinancing to a lower rate, helping them get financing to purchase their first home ( or even their second or third ) or assisting them in selling or buying a home or investment…. well, there is nothing as rewarding as that!

While working with her clients, she discovered that many properties were listed for dirt cheap. And literally dirt cheap some of them were! They were essentially being sold for just the about the value of the land. This was around and about 1997-1999.

Jennifer saw a great opportunity staring her in the face. She could not resist!

She started analyzing some of these properties by implementing her appraisal valuation skills and realized that, hey, if you fix up this piece of junk by making the minimal necessary repairs that make it habitable and safe, do certain improvements that will make a lender happy so they will want to lend money on it, and make it pretty in all the right places so it will appeal to a buyer…. ching, ching! She saw the dollar signs! Hence, the "flip" was born!

In 2000, she began purchasing the ugliest homes you could imagine. The uglier, the better. Why? Because these properties bring the lowest, best, dirt cheap deal.

A construction lender at the time, provided her the financing to purchase the properties as well as to make the necessary repairs and renovation. She spent none of her own money! Don't be fooled though. Today, lenders are very cautious with the economic crisis and you will most likely need about 25-30% down payment for a project like this today.

Most buyers and even contractors are intimidated by "ugly" so they will tend to pass on them which leaves a great opportunity to be had.

Her first flip was very frustrating although jumping into the deep end really taught her fast. Being the first, she had no idea of material cost or construction labor estimating and the arrangement that she had worked out with a contractor friend went sour when he moved away, leaving her to finish the project on her own.

But, again, this was probably the best thing that could have happened as she had to learn quickly what to do in managing the project in order to just get it done and sold! Time is money and "time is of the essence" especially when you are paying high interest during a construction loan.

After Jennifer saw the rehab, or flip opportunities diminishing, she discovered another opportunity evolving. Buying land and building spec homes to sell.

She started with building her own home on acreage in Leona Valley. The process went extremely smooth and was completed in just five months. She managed the project in place of a general contractor which saved a lot of the overhead or profit that the general contractor would have made. She was a natural at it! It was then that another light bulb went off, telling her this was the next great opportunity.

Keep in mind that nothing lasts forever and the real estate market is always changing. While one type of opportunity may exhaust itself, another may arise. Be ready with your eyes wide open to spot a change to take advantage of.

More About Broker Jennifer

Last but not least about broker Jennifer. She has spent the past ten years rehabbing and flipping, buying land and building as well as making other investments. She has cashed in on not only her own projects, but have assisted and helped others with theirs.

She has helped ordinary people having no knowledge of real estate or construction as well as others such as real estate professionals and even contractors with their own projects by utilizing all of her unique skills that she has developed ranging from first evaluating the feasibility (estimating cost and the potential profit) by implementing valuation analysis for the projected future value once complete.

In other words, how much will it be worth when finished versus total expenses for all improvements, loan costs, payments while holding, selling fees, permit fees (if any), property acquisition cost, etc.?

She has the insight to recognize necessary improvements that should be made that would help bring top dollar and the cost estimation skills of projected repairs and improvements as well as the critical knowledge of lender requirements for future sale to a buyer. All in combination are key for successful project planning.

This is all of which and how Jennifer's "know how" will surely add to your success and reduce potential risks that could occur during your flip or spec project.

Okay now. Ready to get started on your very own project? Great. Just do it! Nothing ventured equals nothing gained!

Please feel free to contact Jennifer for information regarding her consultation services or for a project analysis quote.

She does charge for these services, but it is well worth the thousands it could make or break your project or pocket book!

She is happy to assist you in reviewing and/or inspecting your project preferably before you take the plunge by making your purchase!

PS: Jennifer is proud to be a "Realtor" and is a member in good standing with the local Greater Antelope Valley Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors.

DRE License # 00993276

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