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Finally, a brokerage firm and site that has it all! Storybook Properties AV Homes takes pride in bringing their diversified knowledge, experience and success to every visitor, customer and client.

It is here where the broker, Jennifer, will share valuable information as well as offering specialized services that no other brokerage firm can!

Why is that? Because while others may offer a great service in assisting their clients in buying and selling properties, few to none have the knowledge depth and experience that goes far beyond the typical real estate service.

It is Storybook Properties AV Homes' goal to educate and assist buyers, sellers, investors, builders and homeowners, so they may gain the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions surrounding their real estate endeavors.

Simply browse around to find the topic that best suits the information you are searching for. Can't find exactly what you're looking for? No problem!

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Come To Leona Valley!

14+ Acres of Gorgeous Hilltop Seclusion Priced At Only $85,000!
Bring your horses, start a kennel, build your dream home!!!

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Real Estate Loop
Comprehensive discussion threads about current real estate events, news, articles and trends keeping consumers in the loop and in the know.
Real estate blogs to keep you in the loop presented by Storybook Properties
Real estate blogs keep you talking, listening and keeps you in the loop on recent trends
Buying AV homes. Storybook Properties tells you everything you need to know!
Buying AV Homes is clear and simple with the help of Storybook Properties. Get the untold answers you need to know!
Search REO listings free. Buy bank or lender owned properties anywhere!
REO listings free search. Buy lender or bank owned properties anywhere
Buy income properties now. A great opportunity this current economy offers!
Buy income properties today. Current discounted prices present amazing cash flow and investment potential!
Buying investment property can set you up for life!
Buying investment property can set you free financially and set you up for life. Storybook Properties can show you how!
Buying lots and vacant land is risky. Storybook Properties can help!
Buying lots and vacant land is extremely risky. Don't close your deal until you've consulted with Storybook Properties!
Great Antelope Valley rentals! Storybook Properties can help!
Antelope Valley rentals. Find great affordable rentals from homes, mobile homes, apartments and more…
rental application
rental application
landlord rights
Read how landlord rights are being squashed by unfair laws that favor tenants. Join Storybook Properties in the fight against bad tenants and the promotion of good tenants!
Are you a landlord that's tired of the "run-around"?
Are you a landlord that's fed up with running around and screening unqualified tenants?
Your search for houses flipping brought you to all the answers you need to know.
Buying houses flipping for profit can make or break you. Critical advice from Jennifer of Storybook Properties can reduce the risks!
Interested in building spec homes? Get critical advice from Storybook Properties
Building spec homes can make or break you. Critical advice from Jennifer of Storybook Properties can reduce the risks!
Favorite AV contractors. See who Storybook Properties rates the best and why!
Favorite AV contractors. See why Storybook Properties rates them the best and why!
Local trash pick up and hauling. Fast, reliable and affordable.
Fast and affordable trash pick up and hauling. Serving the antelope valley. Free quotes!
Bank short sale versus foreclosure or a deed in lieu? OMG what shall you do?
A bank short sale versus a foreclosure or a deed in lieu? My oh my, what shall a homeowner do?
Home icing sells your home or flip. Decorate your project to sell it!
Home icing sells your project. Don't skimp. Decorate your home or flip for a quick, top dollar sale!
Find the right mortgage services and the invaluable information that you need
Find the right mortgage services by getting armed with the invaluable information you can't afford to ignore. Get the knowledge and power you need from Storybook Properties!
Free mortgage calculator compliments of Storybook Properties
Use this free mortgage calculator, compliments of Storybook Properties to estimate your home loan
Learn about Broker Jennifer of Storybook Properties-Her Knowledge Can Help You!
Learn about broker Jennifer of Storybook Properties AV Homes. Use her extraordinary real estate knowledge, experience and know how to achieve your own success.
kathleen howe realtor, agent of Storybook Properties
kathleen howe real estate agent and realtor of Storybook Properties
jennifer lacey radecki coming soon to the Storybook Properties team of agents
jennifer lacey radecki to soon join the Storybook Properties team!
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Contact Storybook Properties. Bringing extraordinary knowledge to you!